My Story 


 Like all great things, I started small. I am a mom, daughter, friend and colleague with great ideas and got started that way. And that has led to something beautiful! 

About me

They say that things worth doing are never easy. Like any successful business, I too have encountered the necessary bumps. But even if I could, I wouldn't change a thing! Why? Because on this journey I have learned an awful lot (and am still learning!) and have been able to test my services in the real world. And my clients benefit from that experience. 

The values of Oreka

There are a number of values that are close to my heart: 

Harmony, creativity, growth, balance, purity, resilience, trust, connections and quality are the values I wish to carry with me in all the products and services I offer.
Therefore, I only work with raw materials whose origin I know, as well as the outcome of lab tests if any. I want to build a relationship with my clients that holds trust in the highest regard and contributes to the growth of both the client and myself. Creativity because it is so much fun to think "out of the box" sometimes, most solutions find themselves there. Resilience because always looking for solutions requires us to reinvent ourselves each time, something I am strong at.


Finally, balance is one of the most important key words. I always strive for balance, this brings harmony and above all health. Something we have to take great care of.